I have written numerous articles in spiritual and metaphysical magazines, and decided to gather them in two sites and share their content with interested readers. This particular site has a more spiritual orientation, whereas you can click here for a more metaphysical approach. The orientations are quite different. One represents my life as a yogi, and the other explores my more mystical / esoteric side.

About My Writing

    The content of my spiritual writing was taken mostly from my personal experiences. Some of the information was revealed to me during meditation, as well as through direct contact with an enlightened teacher, whom I stayed with in India. The fact that I have meditated for over 30 years has certainly opened my “spiritual eye” and has allowed me to appreciate a more subtle representation of reality.

Not a Goal, But a Hope

    If, in reading any of these articles, I have inspired anyone to investigate their spirituality in a deeper way then I am grateful for the opportunity to share my reflections. I believe that our aim in life is to go beyond a “flat level” consciousness. That requires that we transcend our human nature, and experience the Divine.
Charles Shahar

Magazine Publications 
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