Relevant Life / Work Experience

  • Have been teaching yoga and meditation for seventeen years to diverse populations: including health care professionals, pregnant women, children, seniors, hospital patients
  • Lived and studied Vedanta philosophy in India. Have done my teacher training in meditation and yoga at the International Meditation Institute, Kullu, HP

Other Experience

  • Graduated with a Master's degree from York University (Toronto) in clinical psychology in 1984
  • Licensed psychologist (Quebec Corporation of Psychologists) in the 1990s
  • Have worked as a social researcher and demographer for more than thirty years

Publishing Subjects

General: Spirituality, metaphysics, esotericism, New Age
Specific: Hindu philosophy, theosophy, esoteric cosmology, energy fields
Practical: Yoga, meditation, feng shui, spiritual lifestyle (diet, balance, etc.)

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Energy of Place (Power Spots / Earth Mysteries / Feng Shui)

Life Positive (IND)
June 2018

The Yogic Force

(Special Feature)

Key Words: yoga, chakras, Sahasrara, pranayama

Format: Hard Copy

Oracle 20/20 (US)
July 2018

June 2018

The Yogic Force Example




Oracle 20/20 (US)
July 2018

An Astral Walk-Through a City Street

Key Words: downtown, astral plane, second chakra

Format: Hard Copy

Human Energy Fields

Metaphysics / Esoteric Cosmology

Spiritual Lifestyle / Yoga / Meditation